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Welcome to PointsPals


PointsPals is a collaboration between two good friends of 20+ years who started up this website to share their passion for travel, and particularly to provide advice on using points and miles to travel further, often in greater luxury, and always at a lower cost.    

The founders of PointsPals are Jason and Ladi.  Each of them bring a different perspective to travel.

Jason is an avid collector and redeemer of points and miles.  For years, Jason has utilized airline points for domestic and international travel for himself and his family.  He is constantly researching and learning new ways to earn points and miles and the sweet spots for redeeming them.  He always enjoys teaching others how to use points and miles to fly and stay in luxury for cheap.    

Ladi is a road warrior who travels tens of thousands of miles internationally every year for his work.  As a result, he has flown with many different air carriers, has visited lots of airport lounges and has vast international travel experience.  He is up to date on the latest issues in travel.

At PointsPals, our goal is to help you travel cheaper and better.    

About PointsPals

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