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Flight Review: Air Canada, 777-200LR, Business Class, YVR - HKG

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

This was my first flight of the year and actually my first time ever on Air Canada's 777-200LR in business class. The aircraft has two business class cabins, a forward cabin followed by a mini-cabin. The forward cabin has 7 rows in a 1-2-1 layout, except for the seventh row which has only two seats, one on each window.

Based on the seating configuration of this aircraft, I chose seat 7A as it seemed like it would provide the most privacy for a solo traveller. I particularly wanted the privacy as I needed to get some work done on this flight and also get in some undisturbed sleep . There were no movies for me this flight!

Below is the view of the forward business class cabin as viewed from seat 7A.

The seats are the reverse herringbone design. While generally the pods provide lots of creature comforts, to be perfectly honest I was not overly impressed with the comfort of the seats which incorporate an air cushion that can be deflated or inflated for comfort (allegedly). I simply did not find the seats very comfortable. In fact, I had to ask the flight attendant to deflate the cushion halfway through the flight. There is a re-boot that needs to be performed to set them. I wish they would just stick with regular old fashioned foam.

The seating area had ample counter space.

The seating area also comes with a decent sized storage area where you can also put your electronic devices to store and charge. There is only one USB charging port in the storage area, it would have been nice if there were two charging ports. There is also an AC adaptor. The storage area is also where you can find the remote for the in flight entertainment system.

My seat also came with a single, lone slipper. It was not my slipper! Clearly not a thorough cleaning done between flights.

Once I was boarded and settled, I was offered a welcome beverage of orange juice, sparkling wine or sparkling water.

Air Canada provides an amenity kit in business class. On this trip it was a stylish black bag.

The amenity kit included the typical toothbrush, toothpaste, eyeshade, socks, and earplugs. As well, this kit included mouthwash, a floss pick, a glass cleaning cloth and Vitruvi travel essentials, which consisted of lip balm and hand lotion.

My flight left on time and the majority of the flight was smooth with only minor turbulence, just enough to remind me that we are in the air and that there are strong winds out there.

One surprise I had on this flight is that Air Canada has changed its menu! I must say that it is a change for the better as I noticed a vast improvement in the quality and taste of the meals.

The appetizer that was offered on this flight was a lobster and orzo salad. It was delicious! I can neither confirm nor deny whether I licked the plate clean but because of my very private seat nobody would be any the wiser if I did.

For the main course I picked the chicken thigh with lemon mustard sauce, sautéed gnocchi, pearl onions and green beans. This too was surprisingly delicious and very flavourful.

My meal was topped off with an amazing vanilla cream puff drizzled (sort of) with

field berry compote. I have to admit I have a weakness for cream puffs (okay, and creme brûlée). So, if you need to ask, yes I did go for seconds of the cream puff. I was genuinely shocked that some people actually passed on the cream puff - that just left more for me as I refuse to let cream puffs go to waste! The accompanying ice cream needed to sit for about 10 mins as it was absolutely impenetrable with my spoon though perhaps the fork would have done the trick.

Unfortunately, I am unable to comment on the "Light Bites" section of the menu as I needed to get some sleep. On that note, I found the lie-flat sleeper seat quite comfortable.

Overall, I enjoyed my flight. The comfort of the seats leaves something to be desired though it was adequate. I think a better job could have been done in preparing the aircraft so that I didn't have a stray slipper at my seat. The meal, however, was the highlight and it exceeded my expectations. I am very pleased with the changes to the Air Canada menu.

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