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Flight Review: Singapore Airlines, 777-300, Business Class, HKG - SIN

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Flight: SQ891

Flight Duration: 4 hours 45 minutes

Seat: 16D - Business Class

WiFi: Yes

This was my first time flying with SIngapore Airlines on this route. I was interested to try out Singapore Airlines on a regional route to see how this product compared to the typical rave reviews Singapore Airlines gets for its international long haul business class.

The business class cabin layout on this 777-300 was a 2-2-2 configuration. I was seated in seat 16D which is in the middle row. As each of the two middle row seats have aisle access, this seat assured that I wouldn't be disturbed by anyone attempting to access the aisle. If you are travelling solo, I would choose the middle row for that reason.

On this flight, I was assisted by the Flight attendant, Samantha. She was super friendly and was always very eager to help. In terms of service, I have nothing but good things to say about Samantha's attentiveness.

I have to confess that as a solo traveler I didn't find the seat configuration to be all that great. As all the seats are in pairs adjacent to one another, it did not provide much privacy. I certainly would not have done any confidential work on my laptop due to the lack of privacy. Again, the seats might be ideal if you have a travel companion. While there is a divider that can be raised between the seats, it does not assist with sound proofing.

The seat itself was comfortable for a regional flight. There was lots of legroom, the width was good and the cushions were quite comfortable.

The seat had storage for a laptop and an AC plug immediately to the right of the seat. I found the location of the AC plug a little awkward to access.

The headphone jack is located on the right side of the headrest just below the reading light.

Now, onto the food! One nice feature that Singapore Airlines offers on many flights if you are travelling in Business Class or First Class is "Book the Cook". Singapore Airlines also has a Premium economy Book the Cook service. This allows you to, in advance of your flight, order your main course from a much broader (and more interesting) menu than if you simply ordered from the in-flight menu. I was able to order my meal the night before my flight. You can find more information about "Book the Cook" on the Singapore Airlines website here.

I was on the afternoon flight, but below is the breakfast menu for the morning flight. I have to say, I would have liked to have tried the poached eggs in hollandaise sauce. It will have to wait for a future flight.

Below is the lunch menu.

There was only one choice of appetizers, so I had what was offered: the smoked duck breast. I also got some garlic toast.

The appetizer was fine. The garlic toast, however, was disappointing. It wasn't warm and just didn't have the taste of proper garlic toast.

For my main course, I ordered the terryaki fish. This was ordered online in advance of my flight through the Book the Cook program. It was not an option available on the regular in-flight menu.

The main course was adequate but I can’t say that it was anything near the best meal I have ever had in the air. I consider myself a bit of a terryaki connoisseur (I know, a rather niche talent) and from that perspective this meal was average at best. There was no temptation to lick the plate clean for this meal!

The main course was followed with a selection of cheeses and a piece of carrot cake.

The cheese was very nice. The cheddar was surprisingly sharp, the brie was satisfyingly creamy and the edam was savory. In contract, I have to say that the carrot cake was disappointingly dry and not that enjoyable.

Meal service was closed out with a couple of chocolates - always a nice touch.

Overall, I enjoyed my flight. I'm not a huge fan of the seat configurations as a solo traveller, and was put off by the lack of privacy. That being said, the seats were comfortable. I also think Singapore Airlines "Book the Cook" program is great. It appreciated the opportunity to choose from a large variety of main courses rather than being limited to the few choices from the in-flight menu. It really does distinguish Singapore Airlines from its competitors. Of course, overall, I have to say the food on this flight did not blow me away - it was adequate but nothing particularly special. Notwithstanding some disappointments with the hard product and the food, there was lots to like on this flight. I won't hesitate to fly Singapore Airlines in the future.

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